Here we are, the minds behind Amaranto Collection. Too young? We don’t think so. Because in order to design products for kids, you have to think like them. We are Martina and Valentina, two sisters born and raised in Rome sharing a beautiful bedroom with polkadot wallpaper. In creating Amaranto Collection, we went back to that room and indulged in old memories; our favourite colours, some dreamy prints hung on the wall, the comfort of our toys and our favourite stuff lying around. These are memories we will treasure forever, but when we think about the ones we are creating for our children, we want to make a couple of changes. Certain things weren’t really spoken about when we were kids and now, as moms, we don’t want to make the same mistakes. We want our children to grow up aware of important matters, to be surrounded by them while playing in their room. Because we want to be conscious parents. Because raising children who value respect, inclusivity and equality means creating a generation of sensitive and kind adults. 


Our mission is to help parents to sensitise children to important matters through kind, gentle and appropriate illustrations.


Amaranto is the Italian for Amaranth. We liked the idea of a colour representing us, because selling children art – among other things – means selling colours. We wanted a fierce and intense colour, just like the values we convey through our illustrations. Amaranto felt the right name for us. 


At Amaranto, we believe in the power of communication through illustrations and everything we do fully is curated. From the concept behind every design, to the choice of the illustrators to work with. From the study of the best printing paper to enhance the artistic technique, to the selection of fine packaging. We think of us as a ‘virtual’ gallery, exhibiting and selling bespoke art for conscious parents.