SoniaQQ is Sonia Cucculelli. 

She is an Italian illustrator who attended the Illustration and Visual Communications Academy in Rome.

She works as a freelancer within the editorial and advertising business, collaborating with different media companies such as Rizzoli, Einaudi Ragazzi, Corriere della Sera, Open.

Sonia collaborated in various multimedia projects – she made two videos and multiple animations for FAO, and she co-signed the animations for the documentary called 1938, Diversi, presented to the 75th Venice International Film Festival and winner of a Silver Lion as ‘2019 best documentary’.

Curious and versatile, Sonia enjoys working with animated widgets, from zoetrope to GIFs.

She loves experimenting and working on different supports (e.g. walls, ceramic) and she has a soft spot for engraving.

Black and white is definitely her theme, perhaps because she cannot dream in colours. Currently living and working between Rome and Lecce, in Italy.