My artistic career started as a self-taught painter when I was 18 years old and continued in graphic design, firstly in the advertising industry and then as illustrator. Over the years I specialised in illustrations for children, which is my main form of art at the moment. 

Shortly after I started illustrating for companies and privates, I had my first son and I launched “mjölk”, my online store. 

My passion for art and design became a real job once I started collaborating with a small concept store in my hometown that used to sell my illustrations to the public. Thanks to this experience, I launched my Instagram page and since then my community has grown organically, becoming a big part of my job today.

My family and I are based on Lake Como and we’ve adopted a low waste lifestyle which we try to follow consistently. My kids are my biggest source of inspiration. I am teaching them to respect our Planet and they teach me new things every day.