Self-affirmations (Autumn) – Eng





What we think of ourselves is how we develop and behave. If we feel we are worthless, we will act like we are worthless. If we believe that we are loved and special, we will behave like we are loved and special. This is why affirmations are so important to help children develop positive foundations on which to grow. Affirming positive messages are like acts of kindness and love towards themselves that build self-esteem and self-belief which will stay with them throughout their life.

Role models, television, magazines, social media and advertising can be nurturing or damaging. So it is essential that we learn to take control of our beliefs. And the younger we learn that, the easier it is. Once affirmations are learned, they work by coming to mind when a belief is challenged.

Let’s help kids to build a strong foundation on which to grow. Because raising children to believe in themselves and have confidence in themselves means creating a future generation of mature, confident and mindful adults.

Our self-affirmations are available in two different color variants and come as a set of two posters sold together.

Artist: illustrated by Valentina Mondelli for Amaranto Collection.

Technique: digital design.

Paper: printed on off-white textured Pastel 160gsm paper.

Frame: by selecting the framed option you will receive the poster in a natural wood frame with plexiglass, very delivery-friendly and kids-friendly.